Advanced Endodontics Course Pune India


  • Limitation of Traditional Endodontics
  • Advanced Endodontics-Need of hour
  • Appreciating "Root Canal System"

Rationale for Advanced Endodontics

Rationale for Advanced Endodontic

Advanced Endodontics is a means to understand "Root Canal System" which can be managed by superior Access Cavity, Shaping, Effective 3D cleaning, 3D obturation & clinically can achieve complete disinfection of the system. Advanced Endodontics allows a painless, predictable long term successful endodontics.

Advanced Endodontics treats complete “Root Canal Systems” So implement it in clinical practice at the earliest to improve clinical result, personal satisfaction & Endodontics profitability.

Therefore, it’s the need of the hour for every dental clinician to "Learn, Understand and Follow" Advanced Endodontics by a most simple way in your practice.