Advanced Endodontics Course Pune India


  • Crown- Down Concept
  • Step Back Concept
  • Glide Path- Role of 0.02 Hand file
    • Balanced Force Technique
  • Coronal flare or Preenlargement
  • Apical Patency
  • New Design of Ni-Ti Taper instrument
  • Working length-Use of Apex Locator

New Concept & Strategies

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It is limitation of Traditional concepts that has evolved new Concepts & Strategies e.g.: Crown Down Concept, Step Back Concept, Glide Path, Balance Force Concept, Preenlargement, Apical Patency, Working length with use of Apex Locator, Change in design & clinical method of Instrument. Complete painless, successful endodontics can be performed by following the new concept, material, and technique. But dominant reality is that precise clinical action is not followed by clinicians, so presently failure is a serious issue all over the world. The rate of success is entirely dependant on the clinician and how well they manage Root canal system.