Advanced Endodontics Course Pune India


  • Advantages
  • Concept of Taper
  • Introduction to Ni-Ti Taper Instrument {All System}
  • Introduction to Gold M Wire Technology
  • Rotary Gold M-Wire Taper Instrument {Protaper Gold}
  • Need of Gear & Torque in Rotary Endodontics
  • Method of Use
  • Precise step-by-step technique with use of Rotary Protaper Gold


Shaping is a strategic cornerstone in the foundation of endodontic success. Shaping is done by a shaper file. Shaping creates defined logical taper preparation for deeper penetration of irrigants which digest entire pulpal tissue. Understand geometries i.e. Introduction to all Ni-Ti and Gold M Wire shaper file (Hand or Rotary), Concept of Taper, Precise Clinical action of Instrument, Precise Technique that can shape any canal with difficult anatomy. Precise shaping is paramount for irrigation. It is well appreciated that any well shaped canal can achieve a well filled canal.