Advanced Endodontics Course Pune India


  • Objective
  • Advantages
  • Planning outline form clinically & radiographically
  • Armamentarium
  • Step-by-step procedure
    • Removal of Caries
    • Unroof Pulp Chamber
    • Achieve Straight-line Access
  • Modification of Access Cavity to locate Missed canal
  • Role of Ultrasonic in Access Cavity

Access Cavity

It is regretable to state that access cavity is the most neglected step in Advanced Endodontics, but in reality it is the key to successful management of internal anatomy of Root canal system.

Straight-line Access simplifies entrance into root canal orifices (Missed canal), shaping, 3D cleaning, and 3D obturation.

How to achieve straight-line Access?

So, let’s try to understand how to design outline form, selection of Armemtarium, step-by-step clinical procedure. However sometimes it requires modifying the Access Cavity.

Role of Ultrasonic in Access Cavity.